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Recent Floodss

Dear friends and family of MRC:


  A lot of you have asked how you can help us in our unfortunate times with the flooding of our hometown. I would like to share GoFundMe links to the 5 people who were hit the hardest who we love and adore. They all 5 lived in a house near the Blanco River which flooded Saturday night. They lost close to everything and will need help getting back on track and back to work.


   All vehicles were damaged along with most everything they owned. Some of our equipment was damaged in the flood, but luckily our van had flood insurance and we were able to salvage quite a bit. These people lost damn near everything and they could use your help.


Eric & Ashton (and their dog Merlinpeen) Our fearless leader, lyricist, and his Spanish Queen:



PJ (and his dog King), who is our merch guy, medicine man, road dog, and longtime friend since the band was born:



Kellie & Ben (and their dog Lexi) who are longtime friends of the band, roommates, big music supporters, favorite boozetenders and some of the kindest hearts in the Hill Country:



There is also a fund to help some of the musicians who lost their gear in the flood:



   Thank you to all of the kind people who have already donated money, supplies, clothes, and love. We are so grateful to be a part of a community like this. You can still contact me at bobdriver3@gmail.com to relay messages and love.




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